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for your blockchain project
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$650,000,000 collected for our clients, and counting
You only get one shot to pitch
premiere investors... make it count
Get warm introductions to prequalifed investors and pitch with confidence
Perfect your pitch
From a 10-second elevator pitch to
a detailed summary of your project
tokenomics, our seasoned Investor
Relations team will prepare you for
the right opportunity
Find investors
With a network of over 3,000 accredited
investors, including family offices and
blockchain VCs, we can find the right
partners for your industry and your vision
Build traction
Once an investor is interested in your project,
they’ll want evidence of product-market fit.
Our traction services can help provide hard
metrics before you’ve had a chance to share
your product with the world.
Investor Relations Services
ICOBox has helped startups collect over $650M for blockchain projects —
and now it is offerings its best practices to help launch more great ideas
Bootstrap Package
ICOBox’s network of experts, with their extensive experience of working with family offices, top VCs, accelerators and international marketing experts, will help your team develop top–selling decks and investor documentation and will walk the founders through the steps involved in deck building and design
What’s included
  • Investor deck review and consulting3 hours
  • Site review and consulting3 hours
Acceleration Package
Full benefits of the Bootstrap Package plus 2,000-3,000 new business development connections, both in blockchain and the industry relevant to your project.

You will also receive 5 hours of consulting and brainstorming, where our team of experts will focus on acceleration host Q&A sessions for your team, provide marketing insights and growth hacking
What’s included
  • Investor deck review and consulting5 hours
  • Site review and consulting5 hours
  • Acceleration and consulting 5 hours
  • LinkedIn lead generation and
    management30 days
Personal Investor Relations Package
The Bootstrap and Acceleration Packages combined, supported by a custom-made roadshow with guaranteed 15+ meetings. Location include, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, and Malaysia.

We help you arrange meetings with business representatives interested in your particular area of focus in each location, so that you could discuss your enterprise in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere
What’s included
  • Investor deck review and consulting5 hours
  • Site review and consulting5 hours
  • Acceleration and consulting5 hours
  • LinkedIn lead generation and management30 days
  • International investor roadshow in 3 cities30 days
Traction Services
Once an investor in interested in your project, their next questions will be about traction.

ICOBox's traction services are designed to provide clear metrics to potential investors
showing that there is an engaged and eager audience waiting for your product to launch
Proof of Concept Package
Show investors that there is an audience eagerly awaiting your product using clear metrics.

Our expert growth marketers will create and fine-tune impactful digital marketing campaigns to rapidly grow audience traffic to your website and demonstrate constant audience increases to your investors.
What’s included
  • Proof of Concept Package
  • Proof of Concept Package
  • Proof of Concept Package
Price: 3 BTC
Campaign duration: 2.5 months
The Thought Leader Package
Being an expert helps engage audience and reduce marketing costs.

Position your company as a thought leader and increase your site's traffic from free organic search overtime by creating high- quality expert content optimized for what your audience in searching for.

SEO experts will analyze your competitors and create a content plan to drive up organic traffic and credibility for your brand.

An ideal solution for platforms that need to build and sustain long-term audience.
What’s included
  • Proof of Concept Package
  • Proof of Concept Package
  • Proof of Concept Package
Price: 5 BTC
Campaign duration: 5 months
The Socialite Package
Investors see value in user engagement and often read community comments during their vetting process.

Building an engaged social media community is more like hosting a party then marketing, and we can do it in just one language - or in several languages and regions at once. Use your community to build audience, get user feedback on product features and gain endorsements and validation from influencers and thought leaders.
What’s included
  • Proof of Concept Package
  • Proof of Concept Package
Price: 3 BTC
Campaign duration: 3 months
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